Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry

Hand made with beautiful high quality pearls by our island jewelers

Hawaiian Island style Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry in Sterling Silver and 14KT gold. Handmade jewelry with the flavors of the Hawaiian islands, elements of the sea and mixed culture of the islands.

Pearl jewelry has always been a classic choice to wear, but with the modern take on freshwater pearl jewelry designs, it's now easier than ever to make a statement. Whether you're searching for an understated necklace with a single pearl pendant, or an extravagant multi-strand bracelet, there's something for every occasion in the world of freshwater pearl jewelry. And now with so many colors, shapes, and sizes available, it's easier than ever to find something that will make you stand out. From bright, bold colors to traditional white pearls, the options are endless. And while they may look luxurious, freshwater pearl jewelry can actually be quite affordable. So don't hesitate to let your inner diva shine and accessorize your wardrobe with some beautiful pearl jewelry. You won't regret it!

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